Protecting the Rights of Workers

Workers everywhere are protected by federal and state laws by implementing the workplace and workers safety laws. These laws are made to confirm that the workers will work and stay safe at the workplace and in case if they are affected by any of the harmful substances or accidents.

In addition to that these laws are devised to make sure that the company or the employer may give them enough safety equipment and arrange safety procedures to keep the workers away from the possible hazards.
In order to protect the rights of the workers, it is important to take proper measures so that the rights are understood and cared about in a way that is needed.

Protecting the Rights of Workers

To protect the rights of the rights of the workers it is important to understand what their rights are, what steps can be taken to protect the rights and how to assure that the workers are assured to have a safe workplace.

Understanding the rights of the workers and protecting them as well

The first thing that is important to know and to make sure that an employer will be protecting the rights in a way that is required, is by understanding what their rights are in a particular workplace. So what the basic rights are:

They have the right to work in a safe environment where there are no chemical or physical hazards and the workers would have least or no chance of getting into a problem or get into health hazards due to lack of safety at a workplace.

Staying indiscriminate and there should be no racial issues at the workplace monitoring that all; workers are dealt equally as per their role at a workplace without any discriminative behavior.

Fair pay is another right that every employee or the worker has in all state of the United States and worldwide as well. It includes minimum wage as stated by the federal laws or state laws. It also includes the overtime wages for up to 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

Safety from sexual harassment is also important and people need to stay away from such issues with the help of their right to stay protected at the workplace.

The right to attend your family, go for sick leave or other such situations and the workers should be provided with enough support in this regard.

For pregnant lady workers who need to go on maternity leave is never out of question and should be there in such cases.

Who should follow up the protection of rights of the workers?

Definitely it is important to know that the responsibility to guard the rights of the workers at a workplace is upon the employer or the owner of the company where they work as well as it is the responsibility of the workers to know how to protect their rights and what are the prerequisites to protect the rights at a workplace so that they are not in trouble in any way.

What should be done to protect the rights of the workers

According to the US state and federal rules, the companies who manage the workplaces where staff members work under certain workplace conditions should be following the worker rights as follows:

As per the Fair Labor Standards Act, workers have the right to get the minimum wage for at least 7.25USD per hour (if not revised yet). In the overtime, they pay wage according to time and a half for the overtime they work.

No one under the age of 18 should be employed and this is also a right of workers to be of appropriate for a certain type of workload.

For the workplace safety, the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1970 and General Duty Clause also assure to provide occupational safety at workplaces under certain clauses that govern the companies and workplace managers to make sure they keep safety measures in check for the workers so that there are no hazards involving the work and the workers may not be posed to any kind of health and life threats.

All these measures could help in guiding managers to manage the worker rights carefully and also make the workers be aware of their rights.


Waterproof Shoes for Work

If you do the kind of work that involves standing or wading in water or mud, you need shoes that can keep your feet dry and warm. However, the market is flooding with all sorts of shoes that are said to be waterproof. Determining if this is true might be an issue since you cannot try them first in water before buying them. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information that helps you know that the shoe you acquire has the craftsmanship, durability and the quality you desire.

When working, you might not be entirely sure of when your working shoes will get wet. Even if it is a rainstorm or even an accident, you need to have working shoes that offer extra protection as you work. If the shoe is water resistant, this is a bit good for you but the best protection arises from a waterproof working shoe. If your workplace is in a place where you always interact with water, acquiring the right kind of shoes is one of the best protection ensures that you can take.

Waterproof Shoes for Work

Most of the times, working shoes are made from leather. At times, the leather is combined with some synthetic materials in order to improve the durability and the general quality of the shoe. If at one time you ever had leather shoes that are not waterproof, you have the idea of how they easily get spoilt especially when you often interact with water. The leather falls off and the shoe stretches or shrinks or even cracks and then the leather is turned to stiff. This means that the leather shoe that you acquire should be waterproof to protect your feet and also to protect your shoe from easily getting destroyed. Essentially, such waterproof shoes will be economical in the long run since they last longer than the usual kind of shoes. If the condition is soggy and you are wearing shoes that easily soak in water, the result will be discomfort and feet full of blisters. Moulds will also grow easily in such boots leading to bacterial and fungal infection. Moreover, the atrocious smell produced by such shoes is embarrassing. Therefore, it would be necessary to plan about a pair of working shoes before you buy them to avoid the inconveniences that come about with the shoes that are not waterproof. If your shoes are not waterproof, you can acquire a few skills on how to make them waterproof.

It is important to realize that water resistance and waterproof are two different characteristics that are always mistaken. If your boots or shoes are waterproof, it means that you can sink your shoes into ample waters, walk across creeks or even stand in water without the water penetrating into your shoes. On the other hand, water resistance simply refers to water deterrence in conditions such as puddles normal rain or any other light conditions. However, you cannot stand in water with such shoes since they will eventually get soaked in water. The applications relevant for water resistance can be placed on any shoe but in order to have a waterproof shoe, they have to be constructed to form a material that can build a waterproof shoe. This simply means that any shoe can be made to be water resistant but not waterproof. You can know the type of waterproof shoe that you require by examining the amount of water that you come into contact with.

When going for a waterproof working shoe, you should consider the height of the shoe. The one that goes above the amount of water you are working in is the best. Moreover, the material that makes the shoes is also another factor to consider. Rubber shoes are very popular when it comes to waterproof shoes. However, if the job place is much more hazardous, you should consider synthetic or leather. In the market, you kind find work shoes like Cheppewa Men‘s 29416 8” waterproof insulated work boot,  Carhartt Men’s CMP1259 11 Mud Well Steel Toe Work Boot, Carolina Logger Boot Soft Toe Waterproof Uninsulated and Timberland White Waterproof Boot among others.


When you always step in water or mud when you are working, the water might find its way into your shoes. Water soaked shoes are dangerous to the health of your feet. You, therefore, need to protect yourself and keep your body warm. Finding a waterproof shoe for work is the best thing that you can do to yourself. When choosing a waterproof shoe, you should consider the material making them depending on the work you and their height.

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