Jul 302014


It’s not just Ed.

There’s something profoundly weird about our political class. Labour, LibDem and Tory, politicians seem to move in packs. They feel safe only they use the same ideas and language as the rest of the Westminster village, even when what they say makes no sense to the rest of us.

The idea that competition between corporations is the answer to our society’s problems is a good example of this kind of bad political groupthink.

The idea began life in the 1980s. A politicians’ commitment to competition showed they were tough and serious, and didn’t mind cracking a few eggs – and closing a few factories – in the interests of reversing Britain’s long-term economic decline. Continue reading »

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Jul 292014

Sun NHS story

The Sun’s front page story this morning should come as no surprise to those who have been following the Government’s approach to the NHS. But the fact that the paper that has been one of the Conservative’s biggest cheerleaders over the past four years is running a three-day investigation into how badly the NHS is being managed should put all of us in no doubt: the National Health Service is in big trouble.

With the headline “CRITICAL”, an inside two-page spread tells of a health service in crisis, as budget cuts, top-down reorganisation and privatisation take their toll. Polling carried out by YouGov for the newspaper shows that one in three people thinks the NHS has got worse in the last year alone – with only one in twenty saying they feel it’s improved. Continue reading »

Jul 292014


Andy Burnham will make a speech in Manchester today, demanding that the agenda of privatisation within the NHS is stopped until the public are consulted. The latest in Labour’s summer series of speeches under the title The Choice, Burnham will spell out the difference between Labour’s approach to the health service and the Government’s current handling.

He will say that NHS England should delay the signing of all contracts for clinical services with private contractors over the coming months, which would tie the hands of the next government, until after the 2015 election – apart from cases where there are issues of service quality that need addressing or threats to ongoing service provision. Continue reading »

Jul 282014

Diabetic David Clapson, 59, died with just £3.44 left in his account after his Jobseeker’s Allowance was axed because he missed an appointment

Struggle: David died hungry and penniless with no way to pay his bills

A diabetic ex-soldier died starving and skint after officials axed his benefits.

David Clapson, 59, was stripped of the cash after missing an ­appointment under harsh Coalition reforms.

He died in Stevenage, Herts, with just £3.44 left in his account.

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