Apr 172015

The Prime Minister hoped to win over mobile phone workers with a town hall-style question-and-answer session

David Cameron

Some people stayed for David Cameron’s PM Direct session… but others voted with their feet

Voters walked out of a Tory campaign event – leaving flailing David Cameron red faced as he defended Conservative cuts.

The Prime Minister hoped to win over mobile phone workers with a town hall-style question-and-answer session.

But the bid backfired when they subjected him to a 42-minute grilling him over food banks, legal aid cuts and slashing benefits for the most vulnerable.

The flustered PM, sweat glistening at the base of his neck, watched as up to 30 of the 200-strong audience at O2 in Leeds walked out during his appearance, preferring to go back to work than listen to his electioneering.

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Apr 152015

theresa may

Looks like people were NOT impressed with Theresa May’s explanation of the Right To Buy scheme

As the nation argues over the new Right To Buy policy announced by the Conservatives today, Theresa May’s attempt at explaining how exactly the system would work seems to have upset pretty much everyone.

Speaking to John Humphrys on BBC4’s Today programme this morning, the Home Secretary was quizzed about the Tory policy.

But Britain was unimpressed with her answers described her as “floundering around”, “spouting rubbish”, and “unable to defend a shameful policy”.

The interview was also labelled a “car crash”, a “dog’s dinner”

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Apr 152015

We have a housing crisis. There is no longer any real argument about this.

Around 86% of the British public think we have a housing crisis and even our politicians use this language.

We also have a general election and this is manifesto week. Housing is already shaping up to be one of the key issues in the manifestos and in the election campaign. That’s great. But the headline issue in the Conservative Party manifesto is a promise to extend the Right to Buy (RTB) to housing association tenants.

This is comprehensively the wrong solution. In fact, as a measure to end the housing crisis, this is just about the worst idea yet. And here’s why. Continue reading »

Apr 142015


 Up in the stratosphere, ignored by many voters on the ground, the air war brings the clash of manifestos.  
Though few ever read them, their vapour trails leave deep impressions, or so the parties fervently hope. Up in the thin air, the talk is in billions cut, saved, taxed or spent – numbers rarely believed. But Labour has finally framed its policies into an idea of a country where shared success trumps government for and by the few.

As ack-ack fire strafes the election skies, some policies fly and others crash to earth. That Tory inheritance tax promise lost its wings within hours, as the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) showed only the richest would gain and 90% of families would get nothing. The three days off work to volunteer went into a tailspin as no minister could say how those days of missing nurses or teachers could be paid for. Continue reading »

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