Sep 192014


Alex Salmond has announced he will quit as Scottish first minister and leader of the SNP, following the decision by voters to reject Scottish independence.

Speaking in Edinburgh on Friday afternoon, Salmond said it had been the “privilege of his life” to serve as first minister, but the time had come for someone new to take charge. “For Scotland, the campaign continues and the dream shall never die,” he said.

On Thursday, Scots voted 55% to 45% in favour of Scotland remaining part of the United Kingdom, with the promise of more devolved powers from Westminster. “The party, parliament and country would benefit from new leadership,” Salmond said. The SNP deputy leader, Nicola Sturgeon, will be the favourite to succeed him at the top of the party.

Sturgeon said she “can think of no greater privilege than to seek to lead” the SNP after Salmond’s resignation.

She added: “The personal debt of gratitude I owe Alex is immeasurable. He has been my friend, mentor and colleague for more than 20 years. Quite simply, I would not have been able to do what I have in politics without his constant advice, guidance and support through all these years.” Continue reading »

Sep 192014

  First Minister says that historic level of voter participation ‘will not allow politics to go back to business as usual’

Alex Salmond was cheered by supporters of the Yes campaign in Edinburgh, moments after Better Together stormed to victory to ensure Scotland remains part of the UK.

In an emotional address, the Scottish National Party leader said that he accepted “the democratic verdict of the people” and called on everyone else to “do the same” as he conceded defeat in his fight for Scottish independence.

Scots voted by a margin of around 55 per cent to 45 per cent to stay part of the United Kingdom, a move Mr Salmond described as evidence that the country did not want independence “at this stage”. Continue reading »

Sep 192014

Scotland has voted to stay in the United Kingdom after voters decisively rejected independence

With 31 out of the country’s 32 council areas having declared after Thursday’s vote, the ‘No’ side has an unassailable lead of 1,914,187 votes to 1,539,920.

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond said he accepted the result and called for unity and the unionist parties to deliver on their pledge of more powers.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron is due to give his reaction shortly.

The result became a mathematical certainty at 06:08, as the returning officer in Fife announced a comfortable No vote.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Salmond said he accepted the defeat and called for national unity. Continue reading »

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