Oct 222014

Rising debt shows Tory economic strategy an unmitigated disaster for Britain’s finances


TORY efforts to portray George Osborne as an economic miracle worker repairing the damage caused by a public services-obsessed Labour government are increasingly in tatters.

Once again the reality of government revenues and borrowing offers a stark contrast to claims made by the Chancellor.

Despite the Office for National Statistics revealing that last month’s government borrowing was up £1.6 billion on September 2013, Osborne had nothing to say yesterday.

His version of voodoo economics envisages an economic recovery based on easing taxation on big business and the richest people in society while holding down working people’s living standards. Continue reading »

Oct 222014

There have always been people in Britain who are hungry, and those who have tried to feed them. Recently, the rise of the Trussell Trust Foodbank Network has brought the issue of hunger and its causes to public attention. What do foodbanks tell us about Britain today?

“The Trussell Trust partners with churches and communities to open new foodbanks nationwide. With over 420 foodbanks currently launched, our goal is for every town to have one”.

Trussell Trust Website

When I think about foodbanks now, more than anything else, I think about Louise.* Louise was the first person I ever met who talked to me about her experiences of using a foodbank. Six months later, it is still my meeting with Louise I return to time and again. As if making sense of that meeting can somehow help me unravel all the issues that I have wrestled with in the months that have followed, as I have visited foodbanks, talked to the people who run and use them, interviewed food experts, and read books, reports and articles, trying to understand the foodbank phenomenon. Continue reading »

Oct 222014


George Osborne’s austerity regime has veered further off track as new figures show that public sector borrowing is soaring even higher.

The Office for National Statistics revealed that public sector net borrowing (PSNB) rose 10% in the last year, rising by £5.4 billion to £58 billion from this April to September, suggesting that the chancellor is increasingly likely to fail to hit his deficit reduction target.

Osborne originally promised to balance the books by next year, but was forced to delay his plan to eliminate the deficit by four years to 2018.

Meanwhile, borrowing in September was at £11.8 billion, £1.6 billion more than the amount borrowed last September. This comes after weak tax receipts pushed borrowing in August to £11.6 billion, £700 million more than a year before. Continue reading »

Oct 222014


 Iain Duncan Smith’s Department for Work and Pensions has launched a new advertising campaign encouraging people to phone a hotline if they suspect somebody they know is fraudulently claiming benefits.

DWP minister Mark Harper said: “Those who cheat the system need to know we will use everything in our power to stop them stealing money from hardworking taxpayers.”

The government estimates that £1.1 billion is lost a year due to benefit fraud. However, ever the party poopers, HuffPostUK thought of highlighting three other issues that, from the government’s own figures, are bigger problems. Continue reading »

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