Sep 232015
 Austerity is a political choice not an economic necessity. When the Chancellor rose to his feet at the emergency Budget in July, and when he does so for his Spending Review in October, what is being put forward is an ideologically-driven rolling back of the state.

The analysis published today by the TUC reveals how the Budget gives money to the rich, but takes away from the poor.

jeremy corbyn

This is the Conservative project, dressed up in the post-crisis language of budget deficits and national debt for extra impetus. Inequality doubled under the Thatcher government, and her heirs seem to be doing all they can to ensure that legacy is extended. Continue reading »

Sep 232015
David Cameron
Another claim has surfaced about the PM

As an 18-year-old, Mr Cameron unwittingly asked two KGB agents to supply him with drugs, it has been claimed.

He was on a gap year holiday in the Crimea with a pal from Eton when two Russian spies approached the teenagers and asked them out to dinner.

Igor Kuznetsov – who became a KGB colonel – said he was one of the two spooks who tried to snare Mr Cameron with a honeytrap as he boozed the night away.

The book’s authors, Lord Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott, unearthed the claims in a 2011 interview Kuznetsov gave to a Russian weekly paper.

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Sep 232015

 Sexual excess, vomiting games and smashing up restaurants were common when I was at Oxford University. And some of those responsible are now running the country

The Riot Club movie still
TV drama The Riot Club was a fictional dining club – but there are plenty of Oxford societies that are all too real

It’s hard to describe how embarrassing it was at times to be a student at Oxford University in the early nineties.

There you’d be drinking snakebite in the park, when a bunch of toffs in white tails would charge by, fleeing the scene of some dining society crime where they had smashed up a restaurant and urinated out of the windows.

Tales of sexual excess, including animals, general homo-erotic public school ‘larks’, and vomiting games played at these dinners were commonplace.

The ‘Piers Gav’ – where David Cameron is alleged to have taken part in a debauched escapade with a pig – was known for colossal drug taking and orgies on the country estates of students whose parents owned vast mansions.

It wasn’t Brideshead Revisted, it was more like Bridesmaids, the gross-out film, without the feminism.

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Sep 122015


 Jeremy Corbyn is the new leader of the Labour Party after winning nearly 60 per cent of the vote in one of the most sensational victories in British political history.

The veteran left-wing MP, who started the leadership contest as a 200-1 outsider, was crowned winner of the three-month long contest this morning at a special conference in Westminster.

Mr Corbyn, who only received enough MP’s nominations to get on to the ballot just minutes before the deadline, swept to victory on a tide of support from Labour members.

He defeated former Cabinet members Andy Burnham and Yvette Cooper, and Shadow Care Minister Liz Kendall. Continue reading »

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