Aug 192015
 The Department for Work and Pensions has been forced to edit and re-issue a leaflet after being caught fabricating testimonials from fake benefit claimants praising the Government’s welfare crackdown, in a move described by critics as “disgraceful”.

Iain Duncan Smith’s administration used stock images of people and made-up quotations attributed to supposed support recipients to promote welfare sanctions, but is now facing a public backlash over the affair.

One information leaflet published by the DWP, branded “Sarah’s story”, tells of a jobseeker being “really pleased” that a cut to her payments encouraged her to re-draft her CV.


“Sarah’s story”
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Jun 282015

From the Royal family’s housing repairs to gifting West Ham the Olympic stadium, rich and well-connected scroungers are treated very differently to the poor

Irons irony: West Ham chief exec and Tory Dame Karren Brady seems happy to benefit from the taxpayer despite her party’s war on welfare

In a fit of pomposity totally in keeping with his new Lord Chancellor’s fancy dress outfit, Michael Gove has issued language rules.

He’s told staff he doesn’t want them to use “impact” as a verb, to write “ensure” instead of “make sure”, “is not” instead of “isn’t”, “meets” not “meets with” and “I am sorry to read” as opposed to “I am sorry to hear”.

If I was one of those being patronised to within an inch of my P45, I’d walk into his grand office, grab an ornament, “make sure” it “isn’t” too light and “impact” it on his head so he “meets with” an accident.

Then tell him “I am sorry to hear” about his four-hour wait in A&E.

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Jun 282015


We are used to Iain Duncan Smith misleading us in all sorts of ways.

Last month a leaked document from his Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) showed he had already been working through the next £12 billion of benefit cuts after he claimed not to know where they would fall.

He has been pulled up repeatedly by the government’s own statistics authority for misleading claims, including once on the number of disabled people living on benefits and another when he pretended his pet benefit cap had helped thousands of people into work.

This is before we get to his bizarre diagnoses of the UK’s benefit ills. This is the only man who has been to the Easterhouse estate in Glasgow and come away thinking the main issue is that residents have too much money.

His latest lie came this week in a parliamentary session. The information commissioner ruled in April that the DWP must publish figures on how many incapacity benefit and employment support allowance claimants died while receiving this money. Continue reading »

Jun 262015
 The Tories were accused of “stiffing” the North today after revealing billions of pounds of rail improvement work are to be “paused”.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin made the announcement today, and blamed Network Rail for the failure of the £38.5billion project.

Labour accused the Government of trying to “shift all the blame”, while Network Rail said the plans were too ambitious.

Public spending pressure group the TaxPayers’ Alliance accused other the HS2 rail project of “cannibalising” funds which could be used to improve the existing train network.

Labour’s Shadow Transport Secretary Michael Dugher told The Huffington Post UK: “The Tories pretended to care about the North of England ahead of the general election. But as soon as they got the election out of the way, they’ve shown their true colours and have gone back to stiffing the north”. Continue reading »

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